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Clean truly means clean in our company

Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Cleaning Industry, Cleaning Service | Comments Off on Clean truly means clean in our company

If you are running a small business, a big corporation or any official institution, you should know that nothing speaks quality and professionalism as clean and neat offices and working environment. Taking care of your working space and premises with full dedication and diligence creates a picture of you and your company as of a reliable, focused and responsible business partner. Considering the health of your employees, maintaining your offices properly and regularly also makes you caring and responsible boss.

At the same time, if you want the cleaning of your offices to be truly done properly, handle the task to some trustworthy company providing commercial cleaning Sydney. Handle it to our company and here are just some of the reasons why.


We take our job seriously

Our company has three decades-long tradition in the cleaning industry, a tendency towards constant expanding, respectable reputation among other cleaning companies and many regular satisfied customers. All of these aspects are the result of our dedicated and professional approach to the job. Our company insists on providing superb cleaning services. Thus we hire only well-trained experts, capable of working in various situations, responsible and pleasant to work with. We combine precision, accuracy, professionalism, high-quality services and versatility in our assortment.

What to expect when doing business with us?

Our primary goal is to fulfill all the wishes and needs of our customers. Thus, every approach is highly individualized and adapted according to the characteristics of your offices and business premises. We work around your schedule and respect the value of your time. Our teams of technicians are available even during weekends, holidays and odd hours. We provide all required cleaning equipment and solutions, always trying to use environment-friendly materials and put nobody’s health at risk.

No corner is neglected

Our company delivers a wide assortment of services. After our task is completed, you will walk into the offices where all desks and shelves are dusted, closets, toilets, and sinks are scrubbed and polished, floors swept, windows cleaned and mirrors are sparkling. Our services include carpet vacuuming or deep carpet cleaning, maintaining of lobbies, balconies, and gardens, even watering your plants.

Numerous benefits

Aside from the fact that we offer quite affordable prices and a wide collection of services, we are ready to accomplish very complex tasks and follow very flexible conditions of working. All our equipment is modern, industry-powered and highly efficient, so “clean” truly means “clean” with our teams of technicians. You don’t have to worry about toxic evaporations or liquids or any other form of health risks. We guarantee the high quality of services and absolute safety of your health and property.

No task is too complex

Cleaning-Service2Our company possesses a large collection of cleaning devices, machines, solutions and gadgets. Thus we are perfectly capable of handling any given task. We provide neat and precise cleaning of typical offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals and other spacious premises, such as factories and warehouses. Making an appointment and arranging a deal is rather easy. You can contact us via our website, mail, phone number or directly in our offices. In any case, our kind and responsive customer service are waiting for you.

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Carpet cleaning myths

Posted by on Nov 15, 2016 in Carpet cleaning | Comments Off on Carpet cleaning myths

The internet is a great source of information, but also an inexhaustible source of useless disinformation. There are so many myths about various topics floating around the web, and they can lead you to wrong directions very quickly. Sometimes it is very difficult to discern the right information from wrong. And it is the same with carpet cleaning. So many people have ruined their expensive carpets because they relied on completely wrong information, a myth. When you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a carpet, you expect it to last and serve you for a long time. Cleaning carpets like these should either be left to professionals, or you can do it yourself, but using the right methods and tools. Otherwise, you will just end up with a ruined carpet. So, which are the most common carpet cleaning myths out there? Make sure you do not follow their instructions.

Myth no. 1 – carpet cleaning replaces vacuum cleaning

Carpet-Cleaning-3Not exactly. While professional carpet cleaning Sydney companies will take care of your carpet and do a thorough job, you should still keep on regularly vacuuming. Of course, carpet cleaners will take out all that stuff a normal vacuum cleaner will not. But, as we said, you should still keep on vacuuming on a regular basis so you can get rid of dirt, crumbs, pet hair and other annoying particles which get stuck in your carpet.

Myth no. 2 – carpet cleaning eventually ruins the carpet

So not true. Technological advances have made our lives much easier and increased the quality of life. Technology also improves significantly year by year and improves the effects of the job at hand. Professional carpet cleaners use advanced, sophisticated machines which will do just the opposite than ruin your carpet. Your precious rug will shine like new again. It will be clean, fresh and seem like new. This is because these machines are designed to gently treat the fibers in the carpet, leaving them clean, but intact.

Myth no. 3 – avoid frequent power cleaning

Similar to the previous myth, some people believe that frequent carpet cleaning can harm the carpet. Again, feel safe to call up your carpet cleaners without any fear regularly. Your carpet will thank you and your room will feel fresh and clean again. The cleaners will only help your carpet to get rid of all that nasty stuff which eventually ruins it – dirt and dust.


Myth no. 4 – all cleaners all the same

Totally wrong. There are many cleaning techniques and processes in the art of carpet cleaning, and they are, by all means, not the same. Our advice is to go for the cleaning companies which employ liquid injection into the carpet to clean the fibers. In the end, your carpet is dry and clean.

Myth no. 5 – only clean when you see stains

Stains are a visible sign that the carpet is not clean, but dirt and dust can infiltrate deep into the fibers of the carpet, and we cannot see them. Even if you do not see the stains, clean the carpet regularly to remove the invisible dirt, pet hair, pollen and other contaminants.

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Do You Keep Making The Same Carpet Cleaning Mistakes? Never Again!

Posted by on Nov 5, 2016 in Cleaning Industry, Cleaning Service, Products & Services | Comments Off on Do You Keep Making The Same Carpet Cleaning Mistakes? Never Again!

Do you keep making carpet cleaning mistakes? Is there, in fact, such a thing as a carpet cleaning mistake? Of course, there is, and no, I am not silly for exploring this topic! After so many failed attempts to get such a simple thing done and over with I have grown so frustrated with carpets that I was simply going to give up on an idea of a clean home with an amazing looking carpet. But every single one of people I have visited in their home seemed to know something I did not! What was their secret? What were some of the carpet cleaning mistakes I kept making?
I am more than willing to share my experience with you, hoping it might help someone who just like me did not know much about carpet cleaning, and help them achieve a neat and perfect home.

Why I Hate Carpet Cleaning

There are many reasons why I genuinely hate carpet cleaning. First of all, until very recently I haven’t been able to find a carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning agency which will suit my needs and fulfill my expectations. This is why for a long time I have been genuinely bothered with carpet cleaning and it will not annoying. At the end I at myself the following question:

Where Can I Find A Carpet Cleaner Who Won’t Disappoint Me?

After so many disappointments I would just hoping to find someone who will not disappoint me and who will clean my carpet in a way I have envisioned. I was looking forward to each and every carpet cleaning service, but still, they manage to disappoint me many times. I would look online, and for the longest time, the results were not what I had hoped don’t be. Then finally I have changed my strategy, and I have managed to find a carpet cleaning service Sydney.

A Word From A Friend

If you too have a problem to find a carpet cleaning service that will suit your needs, perhaps you should do what I did and ask someone you have confidence in recommending you carpet cleaning agency. Certainly, in Sydney, there is so many carpet cleaning agency that works from a friend comes in more than handy. If you have a friend or a neighbor, or someone in your family, whom you could ask for their piece of mind, make sure you do so. Your family and friends are the most reliable people all will recommend a reliable carpet cleaning agency.

You Have To Try It For Yourself

Nonetheless, it is also essential that you try out the services of carpet cleaning agency for yourself. Not one will be able to determine whether you will, in fact, be satisfied with the result. This is why it is essential that you try it out for yourself. Of course, you don’t have do get all your carpets cleaned at once, start with one and see whether you are satisfied.

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Carpet cleaning – 3 ways to do it

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Cleaning Service | Comments Off on Carpet cleaning – 3 ways to do it

It is important to have a clean and neat carpet in your home, especially if you have small children. A clean carpet will improve the look of your home, give you a peaceful atmosphere and release you from allergens, which can cause you respiratory problems. There are various ways to clean your carpet and we will give you some options.

Vacuum regularly

Before you start with the vacuuming, you need to prepare the room. Remove all objects that can represent you an obstacle while you are vacuuming. Don’t forget to look under the furniture because small objects and coins can damage your vacuum. Dust every piece of furniture before you start vacuuming because afterward, you can vacuum the dust. The vacuum has a various extension for different types of use, if you cannot move your furniture to vacuum, use the narrow nozzle. Vacuum horizontally and vertically, first go in one direction and then in other. In this way, you will get rid of the dust. Since you will be sliding in both directions. How often you will vacuum it all depends on you. The rule says the house should be vacuumed at least once a week per one person in the house. If you have four persons living in the house, that means four times a week.

Spot carpet cleaning

For this action always use a white rag, in any other case, you may damage your carpet and color it with the cloth. Never brush it or rub it because you will only smash the stain all over the carpet. Instead of this, you just need to blot it. Once you remove the first layer of stain, use another white cloth to clean it completely. For carpet cleaning Sidney, you need to use an appropriate detergent, there are many of them on the market. Depending on the type of the carpet, you can easily choose one. Those who are packed in the spray bottle are the most convenient. Before you cover the whole carpet surface with the cleaning product, test in on the small area. Use a small amount of the product. Otherwise, you will end up with the large amount of foam which will be hard to rinse. Some carpet cleaning Sidney services make their carpet cleaner which has a magical effect on your carpets.

Shampoo the carpet

Carpet_Cleaning Once you removed all of the objects that can get in your way and you vacuumed the carpet, you can use carpet shampooer. You don’t need to buy this device because many hardware stores rent it if you buy cleaning product for them. This cleaner should have a heating core that will always keep the water hot. Organize the cleaning and plan the exit strategy. Always start the cleaning opposite to the door, in this way you won’t set foot on already cleaned carpet. Some cleaners will be equipped with the shampoo, but some not. Prepare shampoo mixture according to the instructions. If you add too much shampoo, it can damage both, carpet and cleaner. Let the carpet dry before you step on it. Dump carpet attracts more dirt than a dry one.

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Carpet cleaning gets near to magic with our services

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Home Cleaning | Comments Off on Carpet cleaning gets near to magic with our services

Well chosen impressively designed carpet can enrich your interior and give a whole new look to the rest of the room, be it in your private home or at your working place. Combined with other furniture items, with all of its colors, texture and various materials, the carpet can play a central role in the overall atmosphere of one room. At the same time, depending on the number of the people per day walking over it and the general use of it, the carpet can suffer significant pressure and consequential damages.

We take care of your carpets in the best possible way

If it’s the carpet in your family home, you certainly want it clean, with no stains of breakfast, coffee, kids’ crayons or pets’ hair. You, also, want it clean from all the dust, dirt, bacteria and allergens that could harm the health of your family, especially children.

If it’s the carpet at your office, you want its appearance to fit into your company’s general presentation when impressing clients and inspiring employees. The carpet in the office is handling the particularly tough task, putting up with busy days, spilled coffee or ink and a lot more dust and dirt per day. Or it is the case of carpets in your club or restaurant placed to attract and impress guests and every spot or stain attacks your reputation.

Either way, if you want to get the best out of your carpet, freshen it and turn back the intensity of its colors, you will have to hire an expert to deal with the issue.

Carpet cleaning services are not hard to find, but the good ones are. We belong to the good ones. And we can prove it with obvious results, other than rich collections of our customers’ referrals and recommendations.

Our experts will give you nothing but the best

CarpetCleanOur carpet cleaning company hires experts dedicated to their work and committed to achieving amazing results with the revitalization of your carpets. We offer you rich assortment of services, from simple, thorough vacuuming to various types of washing and deep cleaning of carpets. Neither one of our techniques will damage carpet fibers. Depending on the size of the carpet and some other conditions, it usually takes us around 30 minutes to clean it with no detail overlooked. After that, depending on the humidity, it takes few hours for the carpet to fully dry.

Our modern and powerful devices and techniques, as well as organic and effective cleaning products we use, enable us to apply different approaches to different carpets and stubborn stains. The most common choice comes down to vacuuming, steam or dry cleaning. Also, one service we offer that is particularly popular among our clients is cleaning and restoring the carpet damaged in a flood. However, when you combine your knowledge, skills, and experience with powerful equipment, no challenges are unsolvable.

Available 24 / 7 and covering the whole Sydney area, ready to adjust to your planner and possibilities, we believe we truly are your best choice when it comes to picking up your preferred carpet cleaning service. Test our capacities and see it for yourself.

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How to choose a cleaning service before you move

Posted by on Sep 24, 2016 in Cleaning Service, Home Cleaning, Products & Services | Comments Off on How to choose a cleaning service before you move

You have decided to move to another city due to work, or you have some personal obligations. You have organized your belongings, cleaned up your closets and packed all the things. The moving company is scheduled, and the only thing that is left is to clean your house from top to bottom. This isn’t too inspiring job, especially if you are too overwhelmed with the moving and too tired from the packing. In this case, you will need professional help – and we would like to recommend cleaning service Sydney.

Why is a professional cleaning service so helpful?

In the first place, you don’t have to work by yourself. It may cost you money, but it will be the well spend money. Cleaning service may provide you a professional cleaning, and they will certainly do the better job than you. Your house will look polished and presentable, and potential owners will get a better picture of their future living space. You might even get a better price.

Tips to get a good cleaning service

Ask for a recommendation. Maybe your moving or real estate company has some cleaning service to recommend; you might even get a discount. The best recommendation is the one that goes from mouth to mouth. Find someone who used their services before; you will feel more secure and reliable.

There is a certain type of cleaning service that specializes in moving. Their job is to clean an empty premise. They are equipped with additional tools, and they possess a certain set of skills. The cleaning is done more quickly and efficiently. Since they only deal with empty houses, they schedule more flexible and you can make an agreement more easily.

Hire a company that has a good reputation. Since you are moving, your doors will be wide open, and you will always be on the move. It is important to pay attention to your personal belongings and to keep them safe. This may attract the unwanted attention of thieves and squatters. If you hire a company that has a big name and long lasting reputation, you won’t have to be worried all the time because your stuff will be protected.

Make sure to insure your property. Just because you don’t live there anymore, you are still responsible for the house, as long as it has your name on the deed. The cleaning service you choose must be licensed and insured. In this way, you will be protected from any possible failures and damages.

Ask the cleaning company about the services they perform. Most of them have a pattern of cleaning where they leave the big things behind. For example, they don’t clean beneath the furniture of kitchen elements. The empty house is another case. You might need to make a special arrangement with them. Where you explain them in details what needs to be done. Most of the cleaning services aren’t prepared for heavy work. This might raise the price of the cleaning, but make sure to discuss all possible options.

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Home Cleaning Sydney – proud family business

Posted by on Sep 20, 2016 in Cleaning Service, Home Cleaning, Products & Services | Comments Off on Home Cleaning Sydney – proud family business

Welcome to the presentation of our family business dedicated to house cleaning for over a decade. We developed from the idea of helping people regain their spare time in spite of busy schedules and modern life tempo. House cleaning is our specialty, and we can offer to free you at least from that duty. On the other hand, our goal is to be the service we would like to see cleaning our homes. Fair, honest, meticulous and high – quality approach.

Our team consists of carefully selected technicians, all skilled, educated and trained to achieve great results in the domestic cleaning industry and currently we are offering house cleaning sydney area with an ambition to extend our capacities.

The way we are and the way we do business

Whether you need full and thorough cleaning before moving in or out, or you are refreshing your home with the change of seasons, or you simply want a monthly or weekly maintenance of your house, we can serve it all. It all begins with our kind and willing to help personnel from customer service. They will talk to you, answer all your questions and arrange the best contract for your needs. You will set time, date and address and the rest is up to us. After analyzing the type of job you trusted us to complete, we choose the best team of cleaners for you and sent them to tip top your home.

greencleaningOur company possesses the modern technology and high – quality organic cleaning products capable of providing deep cleaning, low moisture cleaning, thorough vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping or any other domestic work you might require. The assortment of our service is rich, including everything from routine vacuuming and dusting, to mirror polishing, mopping floors, scrubbing and cleaning kitchen and bathroom or even watering your plants. If specified in the contract, we also provide windows and carpets cleaning.

We usually send one or two men in the team, more if necessary, and the whole procedure won’t take longer than few hours. Your presence is not required, but if you prefer to monitor the work, you will find our cleaners to be joyful to work with in – doors. They are all keen to details, precise and highly responsible, so no reason to worry about any potential damage to your house items.

How to..?

Contact us? At the bottom of our webpage, you will find our address, phone numbers and mailing address. Considering that most of our clients are critically short in spare time, we enabled online booking in few simple steps. Customer service answers all your questions quickly, and you are free to ask for any additional information you want to know.

Pay us? The list of all our services and price of each of them is available on our website. The prices are fixed, affordable, and there are many discounts we occasionally offer, especially to all our regular customers. You can pay us after the job is done, personally or via the online application, using any usual credit card.



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Best Home Cleaning Tips

Posted by on Sep 16, 2016 in Cleaning Industry, Cleaning Service, Home Cleaning | Comments Off on Best Home Cleaning Tips

Every once and a while a home will require a general clean-up. This is usually the case when the season changes or when people move to a new house. In order to make a house as clean as it can be there are a couple of cleaning methods that are useful to know. Luckily for you, we have prepared the best tips that you can find for home cleaning.  So gather your friends or anyone that is willing to help and follow these steps.

Start from the Walls.

If you want to make your home shine, you need to start from the bottom. This is why repainting the walls is a good way to start. Move your furniture and everything that you have in the room and place it in the middle. Roll the carpets and make sure that you protect the floor from the paint before continuing. Now pick a color that will bring a new light to the room. Blue is usually a good choice for big rooms, green as well. After you’ve repainted the walls, you are ready to proceed to step number two.

Hire Professionals.

Professional cleaning companies like home cleaning Sydney or any other are always the best choice if you want to get the place really clean. They will not only bring their equipment but also clean the place in very short period. All you need to do before they come to clean your house is move your furniture and accessories to one place.

It’s advised to leave your house while they are cleaning because of the cleaning chemicals. They can be extremely harmful to your health, and this is why cleaning staff will be protected with suits and masks. So spend some time with your friends and leave the premises for a couple of hours. After you return, you will be most pleased with what you see. The house will be sparkling clean, and you will not pay much for their services for it.

The Exterior.

If you don’t want to stop with the interior, you can also clean the outside of your house. Get a hose and a decent water pump and start removing the dirt from walls. There is no better way to do it. Make sure that you get the pressure on the water pump right to avoid peeling the layers of pain from the walls. After you are done with the walls, you can get a ladder and clean the roof as well. There will be a lot of dirt there so increase the pressure and get that stubborn stains form tiles. Before starting to hose down the dirt, you can get a leaf blower and remove the dirt and fallen leaves from the roof.

Now your house will look like when you bought it, and you and your neighbors will be proud of the work you have done. So get the equipment that you need and start cleaning your house the way you should.


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Office cleaning business – 8 essential steps

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016 in Cleaning Industry, Cleaning Service, Home Cleaning | Comments Off on Office cleaning business – 8 essential steps

When starting an office cleaning business, many enterprises think that making a business plan is a time waste. Of course, it will take time to gather must-lists in one. However, in case investors or banks do not require you to show your business plan, it will still be a useful document for a business owner like you to show your ideas, set goals, make plans for your business, and measure your progress.

Essentially, business plans help you to collect all needed information and show you the answer to your question and problem, and rely on it you can resolve all of them gradually. In case something goes out of expecting, you will be able to control them. You should anticipate the accidental plans in case things go out of your expectation.

For this occasion, thanks to office cleaning Sydney, we prepared for you 8 essential steps for office cleaning business.

 1. Executive Summary

executive-summaryYou should present a clear brief in which shows all about of your business in the introduction part of your plan. Summarize all the parts of your plan and then write down a charming introduction in order to attract readers spend time reading from the beginning to end of your plan. Introduce the owners or partners, present some background information of the local commercial cleaning industry to readers and fix a date for the company to start your business.

 2. Mission Statement

Show out a short introduction about the form that your company strives to be in order to help the reader know the way that your business orients. Put the priority of some company values and a business philosophy above before mentioning about financial matters.  Consider customer awareness and market reputation as all you want to achieve.

3. Goals and Objectives

A part that cannot be without in your business plan is the section for the goals and objectives that you set for short term and medium term. Fix time for increasing limits of customer numbers, employees, profit and possibly even franchising.

4. Startup Summary

Listing exactly all of the startup costs that related to your proposal is an important part in your office cleaning business plan. The origin of required capital needs to go into details in this section.

 5. Ownership Structure

Build a legal structure for the new business (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation) and make list of people who have rights to own the business and inherit their interests.

 6. Products and Services

Clearly report to your customers about the products and services as well as some specific details and used special equipment that your customers will be served when choosing your service.

 7. Management Structure

Creating a clear management structure is the necessary for your business because base on it the partners and the investors cannot argue over who is making strategies and give out the key decision for the business.

8. Financial Analysis

financial-analysis-fin-analysis-for-proMake hypothesis in two to three- year- period later on and base on it set the estimate income and costs in spreadsheets. Through these estimates, all profits and losses can be calculated carefully and in case the incomes and costs are not same as expected, you will not be surprised.

A business plan is always very useful for the owners to organize ideas even if it is only a small office cleaning service. It will help them to stay steadily and go in the right way that they choose for their service. And it can keep them avoid getting side tracked or losing momentum.

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